Monday, January 31, 2011

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two whole weeks of shame

Okay the post I've been dreading and procrastinating at the same time. The Monday before last my mother-in-law invited my wife and us to golden corral's buffet breakfast. I know...I know... I should have said no. Especially when I consider how good I had been for two whole weeks losing thirteen pounds. Or, at the very least, I should have had better control. But, what can I say, I'm human. I binged and enjoyed every sinful moment of it.

Sadly, It doesn't end there. A few days latter, my wife and I ordered pizza and then when the snow hit, let's just say that I have enjoyed myself thoroughly. And, this morning when I finally stepped on the scale it was time to pay the piper. I had gained three whole pounds back. Well, it's time to dust myself off and get back onto the wagon again.

Although, it makes me wonder how many of you out there have gone through a similar experience since making your declaration to lose weight. Or, am I the only one to backslide from his declaration? I'm interested in knowing some of your own stories. It could even be therapeutic to air it all out. I know that one of the things that kept me from posting about this was the guilt of knowing I had let myself down. But, let's face facts, if it was easy eating like we should then there would be a heck of a lot more skinny people out there.

Oh well, enough of my musings, next week this repentant sinner will hopefully have some good news to share with everyone. Although, maybe I should post more often. Who knows, maybe I wouldn't have gone through two whole weeks of gluttony had I been blogging more often.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The end of week two

Well, yesterday marked the end of week two for me. Besides water and staying within fifteen to eighteen hundred calories, I used the Cinch Inch Loss shakes and snack bars. Although, I only used them three days this week. Starting off this diet coming in at a hefty 248, I am currently 235 which means a total loss of thirteen pounds or five pounds in week two. I can't help but wonder if this loss would have been more had I exercised this week. This of course brings me to today's topic, the land of excuses.

Throughout this week, I made excuse after excuse for why I couldn't work out. I know; it's human nature to do this, especially for procrastinators like myself. Well, this week I am going to focus on exercising at least thirty minutes no matter what. From past experience, I know that once your body adjusts to it, it is routine. You are far more likely to stick to it. It is my hope that exercise combined with this Cinch Inch program I will see better results.

*We have ordered the Chocolate Cinch shakes and will be trying them later this week.

The shake, in particular, uses an amino acid Leucine used by body builders for years to keep the body from burning muscle tissue along with the fat. Although, I have a feeling that I will be using some Icy Hot as well. For some reason, most of these exercise DVD's love squats. Oh well, till tomorrow....I'm signing out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 2 In My Weight Loss Journey

Okay, this is my second blog entry but a little over a week and half into my diet. Yesterday I decided to try part of the Cinch Inch loss plan. To make a long story short, my wife who loves blogging about variety of topics came across a blog about cleaning and organizing your house, which as we all know ranks second only to losing weight resolutions on New Years. While doing this, she finds about a company named Shaklee.

Shaklee is a company which specializes in organic health products for one's body and home. Signing up to be a distributor, we were given a number of their products to try. So, like I said above, I tried their Vanilla shake Mix. It was pretty good. For most of the morning I wasn't hungry. Although, roughly around eleven, I was definitely jonesing for something to eat. Which, brings me to the second product of Shaklee's I tried.

Included with the Cinch Starter kit was their snack bars. Cracking one of those bad boys open, I munched into one of the peanut butter flavored bars they had sent us. Okay, I had to restrain myself from eating the whole box and not because I was starving. They were delicious. Even now as I write this, I am tempted to go get another one.

Last week I weighed in at 248 pounds. This past Sunday when I weighed myself I was 240. This coming Sunday when I weigh myself we will have a pretty good idea how effective this Cinch Starter Kit is. Tomorrow, I will post a little bit of the research I am doing for this shake mix. Anyone interested in trying it for themselves click on the links below.  We have FREE shipping until Friday (1-14) at midnight on your first member order!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where Did All That Fat Come From?

I don't know how many times I've looked at really large people and thought "How in the world could they have gotten that big? Didn't they see themselves in the mirror?" Then one day the scale told me I was that person!  Having realized that now I decided it was time to do something about it. Short of applying to the Biggest Loser that meant I would have to go on a diet and exercise. Before I get into my journey of wellness and general good-looking-ness a little about myself and my past.

17 years ago I entered Paris Island, South Carolina and was transformed into a lean, mean, fighting machine. But.... fast forward 4 years and it is a journey of gradual decline. Until my fateful encounter with a digital scale who had NO mercy.
 Unable to deny it any longer I came up with a plan of action:

1. Drink 1/2 my body weight in water
2. No sodas (diet included)
3. Smaller portion sizes (obviously)
4. Stay in-between 1500 and 1800 calories a day
5. Occasional exercise (see below for further details)

My wife who is a big fan of the Biggest Loser bought several Jillian Michael's workout DVD's. She has also purchased for the X-box Kinect the Your Shape Fitness Evolved. Both of which I have tried sporadically.  Let me just say "Oh how the mighty have fallen." The day after the 30 Day Shred and the Your Shape Fitness Evolved Fitness Test I spent the next several days walking around like an 80 year old man. On the plus side, after 1 week I have lost 8 lbs. Tune back in for further updates.  Over and Out.