Monday, January 17, 2011

The end of week two

Well, yesterday marked the end of week two for me. Besides water and staying within fifteen to eighteen hundred calories, I used the Cinch Inch Loss shakes and snack bars. Although, I only used them three days this week. Starting off this diet coming in at a hefty 248, I am currently 235 which means a total loss of thirteen pounds or five pounds in week two. I can't help but wonder if this loss would have been more had I exercised this week. This of course brings me to today's topic, the land of excuses.

Throughout this week, I made excuse after excuse for why I couldn't work out. I know; it's human nature to do this, especially for procrastinators like myself. Well, this week I am going to focus on exercising at least thirty minutes no matter what. From past experience, I know that once your body adjusts to it, it is routine. You are far more likely to stick to it. It is my hope that exercise combined with this Cinch Inch program I will see better results.

*We have ordered the Chocolate Cinch shakes and will be trying them later this week.

The shake, in particular, uses an amino acid Leucine used by body builders for years to keep the body from burning muscle tissue along with the fat. Although, I have a feeling that I will be using some Icy Hot as well. For some reason, most of these exercise DVD's love squats. Oh well, till tomorrow....I'm signing out.


  1. Great job! Diets are so hard to follow!

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